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Administrative Policies

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Alternative Programs

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Baseball Ontario Concussion Designated Person(s) Policy

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Baseball Ontario Removal-from-Sport Protocol

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Charitable Donations and Tax Receipts

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Dispute Resolution and Discipline Process


Harassment Policy


Harassment Policy Enforcement

2021-10-19 15_12_12-Does a Falling Unemployment Rate Imply Rising Wages_


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KMBA Payment Schedule & Refund Policy

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KMBA Try Out Policy & Procedure

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Personal Expenses and Reimbursement – Coaches

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Personal Expenses and Reimbursement – Volunteers

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Players Playing at Specific Age Groupings

2021-10-19 15_25_21-Police checks in Ontario – what you need to know _ HRD Canada

Police Checks

2021-10-19 15_30_05-5 Ways to Make The Most of Your Tax Refund - The Chamber Jeffersontown

Program Withdrawal and Refund Procedure

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Release Policy

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Rep Playing Time

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Team Sponsorships and Individual Fundraising

2021-10-19 15_37_18-Drug and Alcohol Facts! _ BRMS

Tobacco Products, Alcohol and Drugs


Training Facility Tunnel Allocation Policy

2021-10-19 15_38_51-(With three photos) Magnolia High baseball team en route to Class 5A title tilt

Transport of players to games.

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Uniform Policy