The Kitchener Minor Baseball Association promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, the association will follow the legislation of the Province of Ontario, the bylaws of the City of Kitchener, the Constitution of Baseball Ontario, as well as the health research that has been done with respect to the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.


  1. The coaches and managers will be informed of the policies regarding tobacco products, alcohol and drugs prior to each season.  It will be the responsibility of the coaches and managers to inform the players and parents of these policies.
  1. According to the articles laid out in the constitution of Baseball Ontario (Article P2-3), the following shall apply:
  1. Players and Coaches in uniform must refrain from using tobacco products at all times. Remove jersey and cap prior to smoking.  No smoking or chewing tobacco while in unform!
  2. Players must never be under the influence of alcohol at any time at any team function.  

Coaches in uniform must refrain from using alcohol at all times.  If in a public place (ie Restaurants, Hotels, etc), you must remove your jersey and hat before having a drink.

  1. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act effective January 1, 2015 states: Smoking is no longer allowed at publicly-owned outdoor sporting areas, spectator areas, sporting areas and public areas within 20 metres (65.6 Feet) of any point of the edge of the sporting or spectator area.
  1. It is recommended that coaches, managers and players refrain from the use of alcohol prior to a practice or game with their respective team.
  1. Use of illegal drugs will result in a player/coach being suspended until KMBA convenes for their monthly meeting and determines an action.

NOTE:  Anticipate being suspended for the remainder of the season if you are a player and being dismissed from KMBA if you are a coach.


  1. Executive members, coaches, managers and players may be subject to sanction or removal if the policies with respect to tobacco, alcohol or drugs are abused.