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What Is Involved In Being An Umpire?

Umpiring is a challenging and rewarding experience for youth and adults.

Games take place at diamonds all across the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo.  There are games requiring umpires most days of the week from mid-May until Labour Day weekend.  We also host a fall ball league in September/October.

The job has flexible hours in that it allows you to self-assign yourself to games at diamonds, times and dates that work for your own personal schedule.  Depending on game availability, you can umpire as many or as few games as you would like each week.

We encourage all umpires to ump at least 1 game per week to maintain skill and continue to improve.

Who Can Umpire? 

If you are 12 years of age or older (as of May 1) you can register to umpire as part of our organization.

2024 Season Umpire Registration

If you are interested in umpiring for the 2024 season, you must complete the KW Umpiring registration form (button to the left).  New and existing umpires must register.  This registration allows you to umpire for Waterloo Minor Baseball Association, Kitchener Minor Baseball Association and KW House League Baseball.  Inexperienced umpires will umpire at the house league level to start.

Baseball Ontario Certifications 

All umpires are required to complete at least Level 1 training to umpire in the KW region.  Information about certification requirements can be found on the Baseball Ontario website.

Waterloo region umpire-in-chiefs will be running free Baseball Ontario Certification sessions for Level 1 and 2 umpires for the 2024 season. You can also attend a session outside of the region by registration on the Baseball Ontario website.

Baseball Ontario Screening

All umpires are required to complete a Safe Sports Training module and screening forms with Baseball Ontario.  All screening information can be found on the Baseball Ontario website.

KW Umpire Additional Training

Waterloo Region umpire-in-chiefs will be running free skill development hands-on training for the 2024 season.  Dates for these sessions will be communicated throughout the season.

Content of Training:

  • learning the 2-umpire positioning system
  • covering key baseball rules
  • understanding game management
  • discussion on baseball myths
  • Q&A

Umpire Rate Of Pay

ump full

Umpire Equipment

Umpires are provided with a shirt, hat and kit (brush, ball bag and indicator) for free and are loaned other equipment (mask, shin guards, etc.) if they want to work as a plate umpire.  Umpires must provide their own grey pants (non-athletic) and black shoes.

Umpire Code Of Conduct

Umpires agree to the following codes of conduct.

  • I will fairly officiate the game based on my best judgment of the rules as established by the league.
  • I will communicate the rules of the game effectively to the managers, coaches and players.
  • I will respond professionally when asked for clarification of rules and judgment calls.
  • I will treat both teams and all players equally and fairly and ensure the rights of players.
  • I will treat managers, coaches, other volunteers, players and parents with dignity.
  • I will attempt to pursue positive approaches to dealing with all parties.
  • I will show good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remember the real reason for the game: To have fun!
  • I will report to the Umpire-in-Chief or the league any issues or problems beyond my authority or that I am unable to resolve.


Interested In Umpiring?

Register today!


The following information provides you with information regarding umpiring within the 2024 season, once you have registered.


If you experience any problems at any games or have questions about your responsibilities as an umpire, you are to contact one of the two umpires-in-chief below:


Brent Matheson For WMBA And House League


Joe Kempel For KMBA



The league uses Sportsheadz ( for self-assignment and managing all umpire assignment for games and payments.

If you have any problems with the system itself, you can contact Joe Kempel.