Team Sponsorships and Individual Fundraising

Many of our teams ask community partners to sponsor their team. In addition, teams
participate in fundraising drives to help offset costs. Both of these activities will continue, and
will be reflected on player invoices in the following way:

  • There will be an April 30th, 2021 deadline for sponsorship asks and fundraising
  • Invoices for May 15th and June 15th will be adjusted to reflect the amount raised.
    Going forward, sponsorships and fundraising will be processed in the following way:

    • Team Sponsorships:
      • 10% of the sponsorship will be credited to the account of the player who confirmed the sponsor
      • The remaining amount will be divided equally amongst the remaining players and credited to their account
    • Individual Fundraising:
      • All fundraising will be credited to the individual player account based on their participation in team fundraisers
      • Where there is a team event (e.g. bottle drive, yard work volunteering) and it is difficult to determine the individual amount, team managers and head coaches can instruct KMBA to credit the fundraising amount equally amongst the players accounts