• All persons involved with KMBA, both volunteer and paid, in an elected or appointed position, in an administrative position and/or coaching, managing or financial capacity of any team, receive a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.
  • KMBA will reimburse the cost of all police checks for volunteers by setting up an account with the Waterloo Regional Police Department.
  • Waivers may be signed stating that there has been no change in the information documented in the original police check.
  • Administrative Personnel – waiver every year after initial police check
  • Coaches, Managers and other Team Personnel – waiver for 2 years, then a new police check must be done. If a year missed with no waiver signed, then a new police check must be done.
  • KMBA will accept a signed KMBA waiver for any persons who have had a police check with another organization within minor sports/ teaching as long as they provide us with a copy of said report.  From year of original police check, a person can sign 2 consecutive years of waivers for KMBA.  If a year is missed with no waiver signed, then a new police check must be done.  
  • That the Kitchener Minor Baseball Association engage the services of a qualified professional who will confidentially receive all the police checks and maintain them in a secure place respecting the privacy of each individual. Only those whose police check contains such information which may directly have potential harm to the youngsters or the organization will be disclosed to the President or in his/her absence to the Vice President or the Past President of KMBA and subsequently to the Board if deemed necessary.