2023 Tryout Information

KMBA expects coaches to employ a wide variety of evaluative strategies, both on a diamond and utilizing our indoor facility, including but not limited to:

o   Stations on the diamond, in the outfield

o   Batting cages

o   Bullpens

o   Player interviews and surveys

o   Exhibition Game format via split squad or against another tryout roster


Roster Selections


  • Any players being released may be notified via email or online
  • KMBA rosters will be formatted using the following structure:
    • 8U/9U – 12-13 players,
    • 10U/11U – 13-14 players,
    • 12U/13U – 14-15 players,
    • 14U and up – 15 or more players
  • Roster selections will take place during age group specific roster selection meetings and will start with the top team and then move through the Baseball Ontario registered rosters. All head coaches in the age group will deliberate and create the rosters together. In the event that there are not 8 players and a secured head coach for a team on October 15th, a team will not be formed, and the players will be given details for our HL Program. If a team is formed, it must have a full roster by February 15th, or the team will fold and the players will be given details for our HL Program.

2023 Coaching Announcements

8U First Entry - Michael Hietanen

9U First Entry - Marcus Horea

10U First Entry - Mark Knaap

11U First Entry - Trevor Gervais

12U First Entry - Patrick Bucholtz

13U First Entry - Al Hancock

14U First Entry - Jody Wyman

15U First Entry - Glen Hasson

16U First Entry - Scott Crowley

18U First Entry - Rob Hepplewhite

more coaching announcements to come in the weeks ahead


Player Evaluation Schedule