The KMBA Operations Commitee runs the day to day operations of KMBA. The Operations Commitee is responsible to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Rob ScottExecutive
Ellen MenageAssociate Executive
Carol SitkoOffice
Stephanie EbyAssistant Office
VacantRep Baseball Coordinator
James StuartRep for Elite Baseball
Joe KempelUmpire in Chief
Umpire Assignor
Ken SchillingEquipment
Mike Banton ICBA/OBA
VacantVolunteer Coordinator
Cathy LaparFundraising Coordinator
Kevin PhillipCommunity
VacantPlayer Development and Player Liaison
Mike BantonCoach Relations and Training
Harmony PokoraCommunications
Rob MaclachlanParent Relationship
VacantBranding and Marketing
Marcus HoreaLegal and Business
Ron MooibroekIT and Technical Solutions
Fall Ball Coordinator
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