Uniform Policy

A KMBA uniform consists of the following:

  • A jersey approved by KMBA and provided by the official KMBA uniform supplier 
  • A cap approved by KMBA and provided by the official KMBA uniform supplier
  • Grey baseball pants
  • Black socks or Blue socks matching KMBA blue colour.  All team members choosing to expose more than 1 inch of their socks must wear the same colour socks.
  • Black belt
  • Black undershirt or Blue undershirt matching KMBA blue colour.  

An approved uniform must be work for all games with the following exceptions:

  • Modifications in alignment with an event theme (ie. pink caps for cancer awareness, specially issued uniform pieces approved by KMBA.
  • Anything for which a special exception has been granted by KMBA

If names are added to the jersey the name must be added by the approved uniform vendor.

Player may be removed from games for illegal use of equipment if not worn as intended.

If any team wears any uniform that has not been approved by KMBA they will be subject to a fine of $500 and coaches will be subject to a 2 game suspension.  Upon notification to head coach, team will be given 72 hours to pay the fine.  If not paid within 72 hours, team will be suspended until fine is paid.