The Panthers System

Our Winning Philosophy

Our players develop best when pushed to compete at the highest possible level. We want our players to compete for provincial championships at every age and every level of play. In addition, our program focuses on building teams at the 13U AAA, 15U AAA and 18U AAA levels, where the opportunity exists to compete in and win a National Championship. Baseball specific training, leadership development and team-building strategies are priorities for our program.

A three tier system

At each age level we seek to field three Rep or Elite teams. These teams are chosen sequentially such that the first team plays at the highest level of competition and the other two teams play at the subsequent levels. This three level system aims to retain players within the Panthers Rep program, allowing them time to build skills within the system and enjoy competitive play.

Levels of Competition

Baseball Ontario (OBA) provides competitions at the following levels, shown in descending level of play: AAA, AA, A, B, C, D. Due to the population of Kitchener our Panthers teams can compete at only AAA, AA and A. KMBA encourages teams to compete at the level equal to or greater then their KMBA designation in all OBA competitions.

The Intercounty Baseball Association (ICBA) uses a different system, providing play at two levels: Tier 1 and Tier 2.