Tournament Rules

  • Times shown on the schedule are game start times.  Any pre-game warmup time must be planned prior to this time.
  • All Baseball Ontario rules for the age group apply including mercy rules, pitch count rules, bat rules etc.
  • To keep the trains running on time no inning may start after 2 hours for any game during the tournament (including playoffs)
  • Tie games will be allowed to stand in pool play
  • Pre-game warm ups on the infield is permitted if teams can agree on how to split the available time.
  • Home team shall maintain the score and the visiting team shall keep the official pitch count. Pitch counts of the Official Pitch Counter will be the ONLY numbers used
  • Home team in all pool games shall be determined by a coin flip between the teams. Teams will handle this on their own.
  • Ties will be broken using this method
    1. Head to head record among tied teams
    2. Team with the smallest runs against ratio in all games
    3. Team with the highest runs for ratio  in all games
    4. Coin toss
  • Results must be posted immediately following your game on the TeamSnap app