Off-Season Training Accommodation Procedures

KMBA acknowledges that our centrally scheduled off-season training program may at times create difficulty for some players who have competing winter-season activities.  We commit that:

  • Players who miss training from January – April because they prioritize winter-season activities will not see their playing time reduced once the season starts

  • We will work will all KMBA coaches to attempt to accommodate an alternative training schedule, with priority given to teams that do not compete against one another, and with skill set and training plans taken into consideration

If your player can not attend their centrally scheduled off-season training (this does not include training planned and scheduled by the team) please follow this procedure:

  • Complete the off-season training accommodation form online at (need form and link)
    • This form will be sent to your head coach, the KMBA Executive Team, and our Rep Program Coordinator
    • The Rep Program Coordinator will be charged with listing all possible accommodations once coordinated amongst the head coaches 
  • Select an accommodation plan from those that are offered by the Rep Program Coordinator
    • Your coach, the accommodating coach (if applicable), and the KMBA Executive Team will be notified of your decision