What Is Select?

The Kitchener Panthers Select program is for KW House League players (regardless of the player’s address) who are looking to play more baseball at a higher level. Our Select Program offers these players an opportunity to develop their skills and compete against teams outside of the House League program while still participating in House League games. For those players who have their sights set on playing Panthers Rep ball in the future, our Select program offers a great stepping stone toward achieving this goal.

The Select Season

The Kitchener Panthers Select Program runs from the beginning of May until mid to late August. It consists of 10-12 league games, a weekly practice, and 2-3 tournament weekends. These are in addition to House League commitments. House League players participate in 2 games and 1 practice per week from the beginning of May until mid-July.

Why Kitchener?

Our Select program aims to balance the development of players with the well-being and enjoyment of our participating families and players. It allows families to enjoy both their House League and Select seasons by offering a reduced game schedule. Our program is designed to offer families:

  • A balance between House League and Select commitments
  • Less player and family “burnout”
  • Lower potential for player injuries (e.g. fewer games pitching, fewer days per week playing/training during the House League Season)
  • More free time to enjoy your summer (e.g. not at the ball park 5-6 days per week from May-July)

Our Teams

Teams will be fielded at all age groups where there is enough interest to form a coaching staff and team, once Rep Tryouts are complete.

If you are interested in coaching one of these Kitchener Panthers Select teams, please contact Holly Deveau at



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