KMBA Coaching Contract

 MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made the                     day of

 BETWEEN: Kitchener Minor Baseball Association

 (hereinafter called the Club”)



Insert Name of Coach Here
(hereinafter called the “Coach”)


WHEREAS the Club requires the services of a head coach to provide head coaching on a group and individual basis and the Coach wishes to coach for the Club , the engagement to be on terms and conditions acceptable to the Club and Coach as hereinafter set out:



1. The Club hereby engages the Coach to volunteer as head coach for the period from September 1st, 20xx to September 15th, 20xx.


2. The Coach shall:

  1. Advise the Club when requested, on technical matters, programs to be offered and other related matters via email or online survey;
  2. Execute the tryout process and select a team based on the KMBA tryout guidelines
  3. Coach the agreed upon team of not more than the maximum number of rostered players, nor more than the maximum number of import players listed in our policy;
  4. Coach the agreed upon team following the fair play playing time policy;
  5. Provide and monitor team/and individual training programs for all players;
  6. Attend Club coaches meetings upon request given 14 days in advance;
  7. Adhere to all KMBA policies, procedures and processes;
  8. Commit to the Coaching standards outlined in Appendix A;
  9. Commit to x team volunteer hours assisting with insert volunteer assignment here, or opt-out of this assignment by adding a $2500 team volunteer opt-out line to the team budget.


3.         The Club shall:

  1. to the extent that it is possible, provide good training conditions in partnership with the City of Kitchener and other third party contracts;
  2. Provide the team with $1000 funds for tournament registration
  3. Pay for entry to all Baseball Ontario events (ICBA League, OBA Play-ins, OBA Championships, ICBA championships and Eliminations)
  4. Provide consulting to  the team with any fundraising efforts needed;
  5. Provide administrative support including but not limited to team banking, umpire scheduling, uniform ordering, and winter session practice facility coordination.


4. If the Coach is desirous of entering into a new agreement with the club, he/she shall submit a written application before August 15th, 2020, and the Club shall advise the Coach of its acceptance or rejection of the Coach’s application not later than September 5th of the same year.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed this agreement as of the day and year first above written.

 Signature on behalf of the Club: ________________________________

 Coach’s Signature: __________________________________________

Appendix A

As a coach, I understand that how I carry myself on and off the field is critical – my behavior is modeled by players and parents while it may be dissected by the opposition. As such, I will do my best to follow these standards…

1. I will set a good example by modeling the same basic expectations set for players and parents. If an expectation is reasonable for a parent or player, I should also be expected to follow those same standards.

2. I will practice high ethical standards and only direct my team to play within the rules. We will always attempt to play within the rules of fair play, regardless of whether they are enforced.

3. I will have a thorough understanding of the rules of the game and those applicable to the tournaments we play. I will be a student of the official and tournament rulebooks so that I am properly prepared.

4. I will do everything I can to best prepare my players for the situations they will face. We will use practice as a time to thoroughly cover situations so that players are positioned to succeed.

5. I will have clear, written team rules and expectations for players, parents and coaches. It is unfair to all if the rules and expectations are not in writing.

6. I will consistently enforce team rules. While severity, frequency and context will matter, it’s important to enforce rules fairly.

7. I will have clear, written expectations for players regarding team philosophy and approach. Beyond rules, players need to have a clear understanding of how we as a team will consistently approach the game.

8. I will enforce gameplay discipline due to mental and not physical mistakes. Players will make mistakes, particularly physical ones. Mental mistakes are a sign of poor preparation or approach and need to be corrected and prevented.

9. I will not enforce gameplay discipline due to mental mistakes if I did not adequately prepare the player for that situation. If a player was not properly prepared to handle a situation, I can’t be disappointed in their decision. Correction and preparation – not discipline – are required.

10. I will consciously provide more positive than negative reinforcement. I understand that this significantly impacts a player’s passion to play the game and ability to learn.

11. I will treat all kids fairly, including my own. I will do my best to evaluate players and assign roles in an unbiased light.

12. I will treat all of our players with the respect they deserve. My role is to teach the game of baseball and some life lessons along the way. These are kids developing into young adults, and they all deserve my respect.

13. I will always be physically and mentally prepared. I will provide proper equipment and do my best to be prepared for any situation at any time.

14. I will determine roles, positions, lineups and playing time in good faith. These things will be determined based on an honest assessment of ability, effort, teamwork, preparedness, execution and fulfillment of team rules and philosophy.

15. I will arrive early to practices and games to be sure that I am prepared prior to players arriving. Players should never wait for their coach to arrive with equipment and instruction.

16. I will enforce safety at all times, including but not limited to proper use of equipment. Roles will be assigned with safety in mind, giving positions to players who show their execution of that role will keep themselves and others safe.

17. I will not risk the health of a player in an effort to win. I will obey pitch limits, remove a player who complains of soreness and practice caution to prevent arm injury.

18. I will take weather concerns seriously and will not risk the safety of my team, coaches and families. If lightning/thunder is close by, the game or practice is no longer important. The players, coaches and families must be removed.

19. I will respect decisions made by the umpires. I will not always agree with them, but I will do my best to have respectful discussions with a calm demeanor when those situations arise.

20. I will be a role model for my players regarding good sportsmanship, teamwork and self-worth. I realize that players and families will often follow my lead. It is important that we all practice good sportsmanship and respect of others and ourselves.

21. I will respect the opposing team, coaches, players and fans. While games can get intense, we will practice friendly competition and show respect for our opponents.

22. I understand that winning is important, but the primary objective is promoting an environment of growth and learning. We will always try to win the game, but winning will be secondary to a commitment for our core values.

23. I will handle winning with class and losing with grace. Winning is exciting, but I will not forget the pain and disappointment that are often felt on the other side. Likewise, as a team we will keep our heads up high when we lose and show respect to the winning team.

24. I will practice self-control, setting a positive example for others. The game is full of exciting moments and passion, but as a coach I have a responsibility to remain calm.

25. I will clearly communicate schedules and team info with families in a timely manner. I will use timely email, text messaging, software, handouts or whatever means necessary to keep families properly informed.

26. I will promote an environment where I am approachable for fair and open discussions with players and parents. While parents and players will not always agree with my decisions, it is important that they see their coach as someone they can approach with an open dialog in coordination with the parent representative.

27. I will make an effort to get to know all kids and families personally. Throughout the season, we will attempt to become a baseball family. It is my responsibility as a coach to get to know the players and families outside of their baseball world to better understand and communicate with them.

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