Dispute Resolution and Discipline Process

To ensure fair and equitable resolution of all disputes and disciplinary matters KMBA follows a structured approach to receiving and resolving disputes or disciplinary issues.


The diagram in this policy outlines the process that will be followed. Key points:

  1. All complaints must be submitted in writing via the online complaints form to be eligible to be considered by KMBA representatives. 
  2. The KMBA Parent Liaison will include anyone required in a resolution meeting in order to seek resolution.
  3. The KMBA Arbitration committee will be the final deciding entity and all decisions made by the Arbitration committee are deemed final.
  4. The KMBA Bylaws, the KMBA Policies and Procedures and the KMBA Code of Conduct will be the points of reference for all decisions. 

For any issues that have legal or child safety repercussions KMBA will bring in the proper authorities to take over the situation.

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