Rules and Notices

Important: Fall tournaments are designed to be an enjoyable break between the intensity of summer and winter training.   Please maintain this spirit and "go with the flow".

  • All Baseball Ontario rules for this age group apply including mercy rules, pitch count rules etc.
  • No inning may start after 2hr15m for all pool games and semi finals
  • Tie games will be allowed to stand in pool play
  • Pre-game warm ups on the infield is fine is there is time and teams agree.
  • Home team shall maintain the score and the visiting team shall keep the official pitch count. Pitch counts of the Official Pitch Counter will be the ONLY numbers used
  • Home team in all pool games shall be determined by a coin flip between the teams. Teams will handle this on their own.
  • Ties will be broken using this method
    1. Head to head record among tied teams
    2. Team with the smallest runs against ratio in all games
    3. Team with the highest runs for ratio  in all games
    4. Coin toss
  • Line-up cards do not need to be exchanged, teams may bat all players and use free defensive substitutions.

Hotel Partnerships

We have a partnership with the Crowne Plaza Kitchener Waterloo (519-744-4141 | for accomodations.  You are not obligated to stay at this hotel but we are building a relationship and other teams have booked here.