The 2021 Annual General meeting is scheduled for February 8th, 2021.   This meeting will be held via Zoom and all those eligible to attend will receive a Zoom meeting invitation via email.  If you wish to attend, are eligible to do so but have not received the link please reach out to

KMBA Bylaws


Approval of Minutes from 2019

Secretary’s Report

President’s Address

Treasurer’s Report

Presentation and vote on constitutional amendments

Amendment 1

Current Wording:

Proposed Wording: Addition of “registered to” in reference to fees for participant membership to align with monthly payment plan


Amendment 2

Current Wording:

Proposed Wording: Addition of July 1st deadline to set fees for the upcoming year to align with Elite tryouts


Amendment 3

Current Wording:

Proposed Wording:

  • Removal of term limits for volunteer participation – changes made to the policy instead to reflect term limits for all board executive members:
  • Board executive members may serve a maximum of two-two year terms. If approved by 75% of the governance board, executive members may put their name forward at the AGM for consideration of a term extension.


Election and Installation of 2021 Directors

The following positions will be open on our Board of Directors:
  • President (must have served on the Board of Directors for a minimum of one year)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer (must hold an accounting designation)
  • 3 Director at Large

Nominations can be sent via email to until February 2nd at 5pm, and will also be considered from the floor during the meeting. Non-self nominations must include a carbon copy of the nominee for their confirmation that they agree to have their name forwarded for consideration.