The KMBA Board of Directors approved a policy change for our Players Playing at Specific Age Groupings Policy on Sunday, September 6th, 2020.

The new policy is:

Players Playing at Specific Age Groupings Policy

KMBA recognizes that all players at any age level will vary in ability and skill. The association has implemented programs which include House League, Select, and Rep levels at Elite, AAA, AA, and A that are aimed at meeting the many levels of ability and skill for anyone registering with the association at any age group.


  1. Players will register for the programs administered by KMBA based on their year of birth.
  2. With the exception of 13U aged players who must play with their birth year, players will be given an opportunity prior to tryouts to apply to try out at an age group older than their year of birth.
  3. To align with Baseball Ontario playing rules, a player may only advance as follows:
    1. A 9U player may advance only to 11U
    2. A 11U player may advance only to 13U
    3. A 15U player may advance only to 18U
  4. Applications will be reviewed and approved/denied by a KMBA committee consisting of the President, Vice President, and Executive Director in consultation with coaches at each age group. Factors considered in the approval process may include, but are not limited to: likelihood of player success, player populations at each impacted level, and the number of age groups being skipped.
  5. Players with an approved application will attend tryouts for the older age group and accept their assignment to AAA, AA or A within that older age group. Players cannot decide to return to their birth year age group if they aren’t happy with their roster assignment.
  6. Where a player of a younger age is rostered with a team at an older age, such player shall be considered as a player of the older age group at which he/she is rostered despite being of younger age, and shall not be eligible to play with a younger team.
  7. A player can be reassigned back to their birth year age group if it is determined by the tryout evaluation team that they are not ready to play at the older age group on any of the rosters. The player will accept their reassignment to their birth year roster (AAA, AA, or A).
  8. Mixed major/minor A level teams will be created by KMBA to ensure that all Rep players have an opportunity to participate. KMBA can also adjust our minimum roster size recommendations to ensure that every team is set up for success.
  9. Players may be “call-ups“ to a division one level higher than the respective division in which they are currently rostered but only if it does not interfere with their particular team’s schedule. This is at House League, Select, and all Rep levels. The head coach should receive the request first and then must give approval for the “call-up” to occur.
  10. “Call-ups” should not be limited to one individual, but due consideration should be given to others on any respective team.
  11. Where KMBA has more than one team in a competitive loop, players on one team are not eligible to be called up to the other team.

If you are interested in applying to have your player considered for an older age group, please complete this form.