Over the last few months our operations team has been working on a new program fee
structure for 2021. We have listened to feedback from our families and our coaches. This
summer our Board of Directors approved the structure outlined in this document.

Investment in Training
Coaching Support

These are the goals of the KMBA Rep Program fee structure for 2021:

  • To have the Rep Program break-even and not rely on support from other funding
    sources. In the past the Rep Program has been partially supported by central
    donations, grants and reserves.
  • To provide our Panther families with our total maximum program cost ahead of any
    tryout scheduling
  • To provide consistency for our Panther families as their player potentially moves
    between A/AA/AAA rosters and experiences
  • To provide clarity for our Panther families on how their money is spent to support the
  • To provide the maximum amount of time for our families to pay for the 2021 program
  • To create a KMBA fee assistance program to help our Panther families that are
    experiencing a financial barrier to participation
  • To invest more funding into a strong Athlete Development Program that focuses on
    small group, professional instructor lead training
  • To continue to support growth and development in our coaching staff

Monthly Payment Plan:
The Board of Directors approved a monthly payment plan schedule for all players. Here are
the details of that schedule:

  • Equal monthly payments from October – June (no payment in December) on the 15th
    of the month
  • If COVID19 safety precautions restrict our ability to complete 2021 tryouts by October
    15th, the equal monthly payments will be determined once tryouts are complete but
    will still reflect June 15th 2021 as the final payment

Combining the current KMBA fee and Team fee:
Our current two fee system can be confusing. Not knowing ahead of time what the team fee
may be, families are often surprised by the differences between teams if their player changes
rosters. By combining the two together and having one simple payment structure, families
can know ahead of tryouts what the maximum program registration fee will be for them in
2021. The registration fee does not include the following:

  • Uniform needs
    • Not all players need new uniform pieces each year. KMBA carefully manages
      uniform changes to avoid creating a forced purchasing situation
    • KMBA will work to provide practice jersey and team swag options at a reduced
      price for teams to participate in
    • Uniforms will stay the same for 2021 (Elite uniforms are different than Rep Team
      uniforms but will also stay the same as 2020)
  • Personal travel costs including international travel experiences
    • Coaches will identify tournament plans ahead of tryouts and outline any
      additional costs that may apply (sponsorships and fundraising is encouraged to
      help offset the costs of these amazing experiences)
    • KMBA is committed to working with families who may have financial barriers to

Team Sponsorships and Individual Fundraising:

Many of our teams ask community partners to sponsor their team. In addition, teams
participate in fundraising drives to help offset costs. Both of these activities will continue, and
will be reflected on player invoices in the following way:

  • There will be an April 30th, 2021 deadline for sponsorship asks and fundraising
  • Invoices for May 15th and June 15th will be adjusted to reflect the amount raised.
    Going forward, sponsorships and fundraising will be processed in the following way:

    • Team Sponsorships:
      • 10% of the sponsorship will be credited to the account of the player who confirmed the sponsor
      • The remaining amount will be divided equally amongst the remaining players and credited to their account
    • Individual Fundraising:
      • All fundraising will be credited to the individual player account based on their participation in team fundraisers
      • Where there is a team event (e.g. bottle drive, yard work volunteering) and it is difficult to determine the individual amount, team managers and head coaches can instruct KMBA to credit the fundraising amount equally amongst the players accounts

Fees Explained:

Here is a chart with the approved 2021 program fees, and how much each team will have as
discretionary spending. Coaches will use that figure to create their team budget for approval
using our current procedure.

KMBA Draft Budget to Support Fee Structure:

In order to ensure that our proposed fee structure covers our KMBA Rep Fee Expenses using
a break-even model, we have developed a draft Rep Program Budget. Final budget details
will be available at our Annual General Meeting in November. Our proposal is to use grants
and bursaries for capital projects, to avoid association fundraising drives

Total Number of Players – 414
Expected Income: $760,800            Expected Expenses: $760,800