FAQ – June 19th De-registration

In response to the questions we have heard over the last 48 hours, here is some additional information.

What if too many players on the team de-register? Will our team fold?

  • We will have a team for all of our players to participate on when competition resumes. Some rosters may need to be merged. In addition to merging rosters, we do have players from other centres who have folded their season waiting to fill any vacancies on our rosters.

The credit is for 75% of the KMBA registration fee. What did the 25% you held back cover?

  • Our Board of Directors approved covering all overhead costs for the 2020 season (in grey below) in order to maximize the credit available for families at this time
  • The 25% covered the Winter training received, along with coaching support – clinics, certifications and training



Will there be other credits available later this summer?

  • In the event that league play isn’t scheduled (the season is cancelled) all rostered players will be released at that time and a credit will be applied to player accounts based on KMBA expenditures at that time (diamond costs, league fees, umpires and tournament registration expenses are still unknown at this time). We will be doing all we can to limit all expenditures between now and when a final decision is made.
  • If the decision to cancel league play is made, KMBA is committing to a modified baseball program until October – players wanting to participate will be able to register for that program and use their account credit towards the registration fee

Why is it a credit and not a refund?

  • We rarely have players leave the Panthers program, therefore we feel a credit to 2021 is an appropriate policy at this time. If families require a refund, they can complete this form after submitting their de-registration

Will there be a refund on uniforms? When are the uniforms going to be available?

  • Uniforms are individual purchase – there will be no refund, and you will receive your uniform
  • Our Board of Directors did direct the supplier not to sublimate the last names on the backs of the jerseys (last names can be added later if desired) and KMBA is committing to the facilitation of a buy/trade system for jerseys in the event that you would like to sell/trade for another size
  • Uniforms are expected to arrive this week, and will be distributed by coaches

If I was an import player on a release, is my roster spot still guaranteed for 2021?

  • As a rostered Panther for 2020, you are guaranteed a Kitchener spot on a 2021 roster and are no longer considered an import player

Will the ICBA loops change? What will a season look like?

  • It is possible that the league loops may change. Some new centres have asked to participate in our league after their league folded, and some teams may need to be merged to have a full roster
  • At this point all ICBA centres are providing their diamond availability and then a schedule may be determined with that information. A best case scenario could have us play close to a full season, just pushed back a few months.

When will tryouts be held?

  • If we have league play, tryouts will start once league play has finished
  • If we don’t have league play, tryouts will overlap the modified baseball program