COVID-19 UPDATE – Partial Reopening of Sports Fields/Diamonds

COVID-19 Update – MAY 20

Partial Reopening of Some Sports Fields/Diamonds

The City of Kitchener has announced the reopening of some sports fields (including some baseball diamonds) for personal use as part of their strategy to reopen parks and public spaces.


This is a very exciting development! We know that everyone is eager to get back on the diamonds as soon as possible, but proceeding cautiously now will help us avoid any potential setbacks with running a 2020 season.


Kitchener Minor Baseball Association is the largest single group of users of Kitchener baseball diamonds. As such, we would like to be clear on what this partial reopening of diamonds means for our players, coaches, and families. Please take note of the following guidelines we are asking our members to follow:

  • KMBA team/group activities remain suspended
  • Diamonds are for personal use only and we recommend participating only with members of your household
  • Please use only diamonds and sports fields designated as “Open” on the Field Conditions Website or view the list here
  • Be respectful of physical distancing if other players/users are present
  • Please do not share equipment with any other players who may be present
  • Be mindful of amount of time you spend on the diamond and/or the amount of space you are using to help give others an opportunity to make use of the diamonds/fields as well


Rest assured that there are many discussions happening at all levels of sport and government about the possible return of youth sports across Canada. There are many details to consider in determining when and how baseball might safely return this summer. We continue to await further direction from the Government of Ontario, Public Health agencies, and Baseball Ontario on the possibility of returning to group/team activities and moving into a season. Until then, your continued patience and compliance with the current guidelines will not only help keep everyone safe and healthy, but will also help to ensure that we are positioned well with our community so we can easily move forward with our season once we’re given the green light.


Stay Safe. Stay Hopeful.


COVID-19 Update – Reopening Phase 1 Response

COVID-19 Update – MAY 14

Ontario Reopening Phase 1 Response

With the long weekend ahead of us, the Province of Ontario and City of Kitchener have made announcements regarding reopening certain businesses, spaces, and activities.

Based on the regulations prescribed by the provincial and municipal governments, and in accordance with Baseball Ontario’s guidelines, Kitchener Minor Baseball will be continuing the suspension of all in-person group activities until further notice.

As always, we encourage our coaches and players to continue working out on their own or with other members of their household.

With this new announcement, we are one step closer to having a 2020 season. We have come a long way in helping to flatten the curve and for now, we must stay the course to ensure that we keep ourselves and our community healthy.

We wish you a safe and happy Victoria Day weekend. Stay safe. Stay hopeful.

A Message from the President – WR Record Article

A Message from the President

In Response to the Waterloo Region Record Article

In response to the article published in the Waterloo Region Record, Kitchener Minor Baseball Association (KMBA) would like to clarify our position on the 2020 baseball season. Although KMBA was interviewed for this piece, our statements were not included. As the region’s largest baseball association, this is disappointing, and I am writing this statement to ensure that our position is clear.

At KMBA, the safety of our players, coaches, and families is paramount and is a key driver of our decision-making, not just during this pandemic, but always. We regularly review and ensure we follow the health and safety recommendations provided by Public Health officials. This has not and will not change as we navigate the COVID-19 situation.

We are in close, regular contact with our fantastic partners at the City of Kitchener. They have been clear that there is no concern pertaining to the safety or conditions of our diamonds if and when they will be opened for use. We also continue to work closely with them on improvements at our facilities. For example, the construction of our new batting cage facility at Breithaupt Park this year, and the installation of lights at Breithaupt Park last year which has given us the ability to play later into the evenings all summer as well as later into the fall season when daylight is at a premium.

In the article, there was a statement that a decision is required by June 1st in order to move ahead with a season. KMBA holds the opinion that we will offer baseball to our community whenever that becomes possible. We are preparing for all possibilities, including any start date up to and including dates in September. We are no strangers to fall baseball. Our Panthers Fall Ball program unites players from associations around Waterloo Region and beyond with play in September and October. A modified Fall Ball program (without travel outside of Canada) is only one of the options we are considering in order to be able to offer baseball in 2020.

All our conversations with Baseball Ontario and the local Intercounty Baseball Association have been focused on delivering some sort of season in 2020. Many municipalities are dealing with the same issues and it is clear that most are fully on board with plans to make the most out of what we are given in 2020.

Of course, we are realistic and are also preparing for a full cancellation if that becomes the requirement, however we are hopeful that this will not be the case. We do recognize that an amended season may require adjustments to our teams and we do intend to address the financial ramifications of a season that looks different than originally planned. Our guiding principles are that we will provide baseball to our players if and when it becomes safe to do so, and that we will treat our families and community fairly. Thanks in part to fundraising, grants, and subsidies, we are in a healthy financial position and are confident we will be able to balance any program we may deliver in 2020 with the fees required to do so. If we are told or determine that we are not able to deliver any baseball program in 2020, we will ensure an equitable pro-rated credit or refund will be issued to our members.

Another statement in the article indicated that everybody will lose players for 2021. This is not a statement that KMBA supports or believes. We understand that families are facing challenges this year and that there are many unknowns. What is known is that our players and families love baseball and Kitchener has built an outstanding program that draws players to participate in large numbers. We will increase our efforts heading into 2021 to market our great sport to the community and we intend to come back from whatever 2020 brings to us stronger and better than ever. If the Coronavirus situation shows us anything, it shows us that people want to be outside with others participating in activities; we will deliver a baseball program that will be there to welcome them.

Kitchener Minor Baseball remains committed as always to the health and safety of our players, coaches, and families. We also remain committed to delivering a baseball program that provides much more than just something for the kids to do. We continue to nurture our athletes to make them better members of our community, as well as better ball players. This current situation is no doubt a curve ball, but our training as an organization and our commitment to our community makes us ready to handle curve balls. We will be here in 2020, 2021, and every year beyond that to deliver strong baseball programs to serve our community.

Thank you and stay safe!
Ron Mooibroek

President, Kitchener Minor Baseball Association


City of Kitchener COVID-19 UPDATE

The City of Kitchener announced today that they will be extending the closure of all recreation facilities and parks until June 30th. This includes the diamonds on which we play. As such, all KMBA programs will remain suspended until June 30th as well.

We have been busy planning for the possibility of a shortened season, however our programming will only resume once governmental and public health agencies determine it is safe to resume group activities. We will continue to keep you informed of any developments as they arise.

Thank you for your continued patience!

For more information, please visit the City of Kitchener website by clicking HERE

KMBA COVID-19 Program Update

COVID-19 Program Update

Based on the recommendations of our provincial government health officials, KMBA will be extending the suspension of all programs and team activities until May 4, 2020. We will review this new timeline at the end of April.

All players/guardians and coaches can review the email sent this evening for further details and resources. Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility!

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